The Carrie Diaries by Candace Bushnell

Title: The Carrie Diaries
Author: Candace Bushnell
Genre: YA, chick lit
Balzer + Bray

Pages: 400
Series: Book 1

The Premise:  The Carrie Diaries is the coming-of-age story of one of the most iconic characters of our generation.
Before Sex and the City, Carrie Bradshaw was a small-town girl who knew she wanted more. She's ready for real life to start, but first she must navigate her senior year of high school. Up until now, Carrie and her friends have been inseparable. Then Sebastian Kydd comes into the picture, and a friend's betrayal makes her question everything.
With an unforgettable cast of characters, The Carrie Diaries is the story of how a regular girl learns to think for herself and evolves into a sharp, insightful writer. Readers will learn about her family background, how she found her writing voice, and the indelible impression her early friendships and relationships left on her. Through adventures both audacious and poignant, we'll see what brings Carrie to her beloved New York City, where her new life begins.

Cover Commentary: I am in love with this beautiful cover! It's shiny and gold which can be easily liked by any girl and it represents the chick lit covers in its best. There is one more cover I saw on the internet, but I have this one and though the other one is also beautiful, I prefer this shiny goldish and sexy cover=)

Commentary: I've watched Sex and The City and I can easily say that it is one of the most wonderful tv shows ever! I love Carrie and her friends and watching their daily lives makes me smile and feel better every time. This book starts telling us a Carrie that we don't know. She is young and living with her family. She has close friends, new boyfriends and first loves. There are some new things about Carrie, but there is one thing that you are familiar is she is the same funny cute girl.

I love reading Candace Bushnell's books. She is a great writer and she is one of the best writers in these genres; YA and chick lit. She creates an atmosphere that you feel like you are there, the characters are your friends and you never want to give up reading. This book took 2 days to read which can be one day, but I took it slow=)) Really I never wanted it to finish, but I know that the second book is waiting for me so I finished and started the other one. 

Finally I can say that I am happy because Carrie came back. If you've never watched Sex and the City, don't be afraid to read this book. Everything will be new and fun to read for you=)



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Sounds good, I'd like to learn about the Carrie before The Sex and the City - I loved the show.

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